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ARD Prasad
DRTC, Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore, India
Dr. Sunita Barve
National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Pune, India


The purpose of this livecd is to ease the efforts of installing DSpace and Koha, as these two software are pre-installed on the livecd with other software like mail server, Apache web server etc. You do not need to know much of the nuances of Linux system administration

You may download the liblivecd.iso file, burn the iso image on to a 700MB CD. You may boot a system with the CD and can try both Koha and DSpace. If you like it, you may proceed to install everything on the CD to your hard disk partition. Be careful, if you already have data on your hard disk.

Version 1.0 of LibLiveCD comes with Ubuntu having minimal gnome, DSpace, Koha, PKP harvester and dbwiz. However, the latest version contains only DSpace and Koha, as the recent releases of DSpace can do harvesting and dbwiz project development has ceased. In future, we will try to find a federated search engine that can be as good as dbwiz.

This latest release of LibLiveCD is configured using Ubuntu 10.10 and DSpace 1.7.0 and Koha 3.2.5

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